Having been born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the tap water I had access to and drank growing up was always touted as being of “better quality” in comparison to even bottled water from the store. I believed this to be true for many years, however as I’ve evolved over time and learned certain facts of the matter at hand, I realized the need to change my drinking water and take action to ensure I’m providing my body the best possible hydration from the cleanest possible source.

I remember travelling to to visit family in Europe when I was younger, where people would avoid drinking their local tap water since their water pipes were old and rusted, or the water quality simply did not meet their personal standards.

Now, I understand that even though the infrastructure of our water supply here in Toronto may be a bit newer (mitigating rust concerns at least) that doesn’t omit other negative (and potentially harmful) aspects of drinking from a municipal tap water source.

This is why I no longer drink tap water. Instead, I have found a local water-fill store near me where I can fill 5 gallon bottles with alkaline water for $7 or reverse osmosis for $5.

Fresh Flow” Water Store in Toronto Ontario, where I currently buy my Alkaline water from

When I first stopped drinking tap water, I most notably experienced a change in my state of consciousness, after having been a consumer of tap water for the entirety of my life leading up to the age of around 25. Such a change may not even be entirely notable to some, however as a highly sensitive person myself, it has made all the difference.

I’m fairly new to the elevated water life, although I appreciate what a difference it makes on the overall quality of my life. After all, we are pretty much made of water on a cellular level so investing in the quality of water you drink is pretty much the same as investing in yourself!

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