I do not mean this literally …

Your body talks to you by expressing itself through the likes of physical pain, headaches, inflammation, indigestion, bloating etc.

Any time our internal balance is thrown off, our body alerts us into taking action through expressing some of the aforementioned symptoms, in the hope that we’ll feel compelled enough to take action in the pursuit of restoring our systems’ homeostasis.

Many processes and factors work together in the formation of disease or in the creation of health…

A critical part of fostering our own consciousness involves recognizing, listening to and learning from the information our bodies communicate with us on a regular basis.

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Learn to meditate

Instead of masking our feelings of discomfort with a quick fix pill, we ought to spend some time being inquisitive in an effort to understand our physical sensations, process the emotions we feel in a healthy manner and simply notice when our bodies fall out of balance.

Disease is essentially a form of internal disharmony. It’s these pains and discomfort that are meant to alert and propel us into action, motivating us to understand and fix the underlying root cause.

Most physicians are trained to treat the human mind and body separately, which may be highly effective in treating acute conditions (like a fractured bone) however usually falls short when it comes to dealing with chronic conditions (such as Alzheimer’s). The connection between mind, body and soul is undeniable and should always be addressed throughout one’s self-analyses.

Listen to your body when it speaks to you, that is the highest form of self-respect you could ever show yourself.  The development of our self-understanding, coupled with facts and acquired knowledge will further cultivate our understanding of the world around us while improving our decision making and action taking.  

That’s me, after climbing Varful Rosu Mountain in Romania ☺️

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